Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS)

Validate and improve your security posture

Automated Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) is one of the fastest growing areas in information security and shows huge potential to disrupt the incumbent thinking that offensive security testing should be conducted by human based resources.

Automated Breach & Attack Simulation tests and validates the effectiveness of security controls by simulating real-world attack methods in a safe and controlled environment continuously and much more efficiently and economically than human based penetration testing services.

The ultimate goal of Breach and Attack Simulation testing is to understand what attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) pose the greatest threat to your business and how well your security controls are able to detect and protect your business from them.

Automate red team testing

Red team testing resources are scarce and the last thing that you want your precious resources to be doing is repetitive and low value work.  Elasticito’s Breach and Attack Simulation offerings are designed to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of red team testing by automating manual and repetitive tasks.

Test the effectiveness of your security controls – continuously

The ultimate goal of automated Breach and Attack Simulation is to be able to test and validate security controls on a continuous basis, but we recognise that there is an adoption path for every company, which is why Elasticito offers a range of deployment and managed service options for our Breach and Attack Simulation services.

Zero harm

Elasticito’s Breach and Attack Simulation service is designed to not cause disruption or latency to the network, unlike other manual or vulnerability testing services.

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