The Issue

For organisations to have robust systems that are able to successfully deliver on the business requirement even when under attack by threat actors a repeatable risk management process is required which forms an integral part of building secure and resilient systems.

The same engineering principles that are applied to the design, construction and maintenance of a bridge or a building need to be applied to IT/OT assets and infrastructure.

The Solution

Elasticito makes use of various Frameworks, Principles and Techniques which include N.I.S.T., MITRE CTSA (Cyber Threat Susceptibility Assessment and ATT&CK, CIS Benchmarks and FAIRTM to engineer solutions that deliver secure, maintainable and resilient systems throughout the asset or infrastructure lifecycle.

Figure 1: The Arc of Diminishing Value for Cyber Resilience

Benefits Of Our Approach:

The benefits of this approach are the ability to be able to predict the impact of an asset failure or degradation due to various cyber threats and successes. A quantitative financial impact can be delivered to the business that details the requirements and associated cost of engineering a complete asset lifecycle resilient solution vs. one that fails due to various adverse conditions of attack by malicious threat actors.

How We Can Help:

Elasticito provides class leading solutions backed by a robust Professional Service advisory, project management and implementation programme.

The objective of these solutions are to enable organisation to improve their current security posture with their existing solutions that they have invested in which may not be optimised to deliver maximum resilience.

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