SSL Certificate Management

74% of companies face network outages due to expired certificates

Research conducted by the Ponemon Institute suggests that over 70% of companies have suffered network disruption due to digital certificates expiring.

In January 2020, Microsoft’s Teams global collaboration platform was unavailable for 24 hours because of a missed certificate that had expired.

Digital working = SSL certificate working

As we move increasingly into a digital workplace and adopt IoT devices that are protected by SSL certificates, the problem of Certificate Lifecycle Management can become a critical priority.

The problem is not when there are a small number of certificates to track and manage; but rather when there are hundreds or thousands of certificates that need to be renewed.

With the average cost of a network outage at around $300,00/hour, this is a problem that needs to be managed.

Apple Safari only trusting 13 month SSL Certificates 

From September 2020, Apple Safari browsers will no longer accept SSL certificates older than 398 days (or 13 months).  After this time, website and web apps using SSL certificates will be marked as untrusted.  This move, says Apple, is to encourage developers to use certificates that make use of the latest cryptographic standards.  As this will affect all Apple and IOS devices, it is likely to be widely adopted by others, making it even more important to managed SSL certficate lifecycles in an automated platform.

SSL Certificate Lifecycle Management

Elasticito offers a world-class Certificate Lifecycle Management platform that automates and handles everything relating to SSL certificates for you, including:

  1. auditing your network and cloud workloads for certificates
  2. creating a dynamic register of all certificates in use in the network
  3. auto-renewing expiring certificates

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