We alert organisations to Risks and Threats

We combine the latest state of the art automation technologies with the skill and experience of our specialists to give our customers unparalleled visibility and control of the risks and threats that their businesses face.

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How susceptible is your organisations to a Ransomware attack – do you know?

Do you have a continuous view of your organisation’s public cyber risk posture?

Cyber Insurance Underwriters, Investors and Credit Rating Agencies all make use of an organisation’s Cyber Risk Rating for assessments.

Elasticito is able to provide your organisation with an actionable Cyber Risk Report with supporting evidence.

Have you got a handle on the shadow vendors in your supply chain?

Article 25 of DORA (EU Digital Operational Resilience Act) states: “Financial entities shall manage ICT third-party risk as an integral component of ICT risk.”

Elasticito can assist you in finding and managing your Supply chain with regards to cyber, ESG, privacy and financial risk.

Are you hiding your legacy systems in the basement and hoping the hardware holds out?

Many organisations keep vulnerable legacy assets alive and operational. Since these systems cannot be updated, they create a risk of compromise, hardware failure and compliancy issues.

Elasticito can assist your organisation to easily secure these systems, remove hardware dependency issues and pass compliance audits.

Is SOC2 or ISO27001 overwhelming and consuming all your resources?

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