Cyber Risk Advisory for Boards

Independent and impartial insights on cyber risk performance for company Boards

Elasticito’s team of cyber risk subject matter experts offer expert and impartial evidence based assessments on the cyber risk profile of companies, how they compare against peers in their industry and the cyber risk profile of the third party ecosystem over time.

We are often asked to help in putting together Board presentations; or presenting an independent assessment on cyber risk at Board meetings.

Expressing cyber risk in numbers

We understand understanding the business impact of cyber risks can be difficult without appreciating the probable financial impact of a company’s cyber risk posture. That is why Elasticito offers a comprehensive range of cyber risk quantification services so that non technical executive stakeholders can understand the financial impact of specific cyber threats facing the business and its third party ecosystems.

Reporting on the effectiveness of your company’s cyber security programme

Elasticito is able to report on the effectiveness of a company’s cyber security programme by putting tools in place to be able to capture cyber risk posture information over time.

Reporting on how your company compares with its peers

Company Boards are increasingly looking to understand how their company’s cyber risk posture compares with other peer companies in order to better understand things like how to define the company’s risk appetite and tolerance around cyber risks. Elasticito is able to provide detailed comparison analytics and have them ready in a Board ready presentation format; or present the findings as an external observer in Board meetings.

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