Cyber Risk Quantification

Get a better handle on the financial impact of your cyber risk posture

Company Boards and executive teams are increasingly seeking to justify and prioritise investments in information security controls by asking CISOs and technology risk professionals to quantify the financial impact of cyber risks facing the business.

Elasticito is one of the leading specialist advisory firms helping companies to get a better handle on the financial impact and likelihood of data breaches within corporate groups, but also within third party ecosystems.

Cyber risk quantification for your business

While there are several cyber risk quantification models, Elasticito uses the FAIR Institute’s model most commonly, because it is independently peer reviewed, an open standard and becoming widely adopted around the world.

Our team will help you to plan, design and implement the best framework and solution for your business to make the best use of

Cyber risk quantification for 3rd party risk

Elasticito is also one of the few advisory firms who specialise in helping companies to quantify the financial impact that third parties pose when accessing or processing your data and IP.

With an ever-growing list of data breaches being due to third party cyber incidents, it is becoming critical to quantify the cyber risks posed by third parties, alongside other factors, like cyber risk posture and compliance status when selecting and monitoring key third parties.

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