Third Party Cyber Risk Monitoring

Managing third party cyber risk

In this digital age, where we share data, collaborate on projects, outsource core business processes, connect systems and work from client facilities, it is critical to understand what impact a damaging data breach or disruptive cyber event would have on the quality of relationship or service that a third party might have on the operations of your business.

Three dimensional view of cyber risk

We use the latest state of the art automated cyber risk assessment and monitoring platforms to rapidly and comprehensively assess the cyber risk of third parties at scale.

Our cyber risk assessment & monitoring platform allows information security, risk professionals and other business stakeholders to rapidly assess the cyber risk profile of a company and then compare it against the accepted risk tolerance within your own organisation by vendor category against these three evaluation criteria:

  • Cyber risk rating
  • Probable financial impact of a data breach
  • Compliance status

Share and collaborate

Elasticito’s team has deep knowledge in helping companies to assess the cyber risk and financial impacts posed by key third parties, by using automating enabling technologies and expert services.

We strongly believe that data and cyber risk intelligence should be shared with third party communities with clear remediation information, not only to make their businesses more robust, but to protect your business’ interests when dealing with them. That is why we allow multiple data sharing and collaboration options for working with your third parties.

We also offer a fully or partial managed service to handle this on your behalf, if you are short on resources. See our solutions offerings for more information on this.

Let’s automate, not stagnate

Detailed cyber risk due diligence and monitoring does not have to be labour intensive, time consuming and costly. Contact us to discover a new way to conduct cyber risk assessments at scale.

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