Managed Detection & Response

Reducing breach detection time from months to hours

According to the Ponemon Institute in 2019, the average time to detect a breach is now over 200 days; costing around $5 million on average.

As we continue to shift to a digital world of working, this issue will continue to grow, despite investments in security tooling growing year on year.

The reality for many information security functions is that budgets are always tight and skilled and experienced resources are scarce.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

This is why Elasticito now offers partial and fully managed Detection and Response options to customers, who are looking to boost their security operations capabilities with best in class SIEM tools and some of the industry’s most sought after cyber risk analysts and specialists to offer a 24/7 service for a reasonable and predictable cost.

Benefits of Managed Detection and Response

These are some of the things that you should expect from a Managed Detection and Response service:

  • Detect advanced cyber threats
  • Minimise cyber risk
  • Reduce the dwell time of breaches
  • Respond rapidly to cyber incidents
  • Avoid upfront security investments

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