Digital risk protection

How might an attacker view your company?

If you were to put yourself in the shoes of an attacker, what kind of data and intelligence on your company’s externally facing assets would you be able to see, do you think? Would you be able to identify weaknesses, vulnerabilities, leaked credentials of staff members and long forgotten web based assets that could be exploited to damage your business?

This is what our Digital Risk Protection solutions aim to provide you with.

Get a handle on your cyber risk posture

What your business looks like from the outside can often be an indication of how you look on the inside. If a potential attacker is able to identify vulnerable servers and assets, with leaked credentials, then it is possible that unpatched and neglected servers and other assets can be exploited as well as targeting your users with social engineering and targeted malicious campaigns.

Present better data on cyber risks to your Board

Reporting to the Board and senior management team on current cyber threats and how your business is able to mitigate the risk to address them is often a key part of of quarterly presentations by CISOs and risk professionals.

Being able to measure the progress and effectiveness of your cyber security programme and to benchmark your company’s cyber risk posture against other peers in your industry is what we deliver to you.

Are your customers monitoring you?

While it is critical to have a good handle on your own third party network’s cyber risks, your business itself will increasingly be scanned and assessed by others when looking to consider your company’s products or services. With Elasticito’s Digital Risk Protection offerings, we will help you to make sure that you look as good as possible in cyber risk assessments.

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