Automated Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing for the 21st Century

The days of having to rely on professional services only based penetration testing are coming to an end. Traditional methods of conducting offensive security testing have relied heavily on manual evaluation and testing methods.

With 1,000 CVEs published every month, who needs a point in time test that becomes irrelevant almost as soon as it is completed?

Continuous automated penetration testing

What is required is the ability to conduct network based penetration testing on an automated and continuous basis to provide a constant feedback loop to the information security and risk functions.

With some penetration testing resources costing over $2,500/day and with the pool of ‘Ninja’ expert resources small in every country, the likelihood that your business will be able to attract and afford top notch penetration testing resources is limited.

Automating advanced, but repetitive testing scenarios can make a lot of sense both practically and economically.

Automated penetration testing as part of your Enterprise Risk Management programme

Being able to regularly feedback information on cyber threats, their impacts to the business and the likelihood of exploit into Enterprise Risk programmes, provides 2nd and 3rd tier risk professionals with valuable data on the effectiveness of network and security controls in protecting the business from attack.

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If you too believe that penetration testing should be automated and continuous, get in touch with us and let us show you how you can transform the effectiveness and efficiency of your penetration testing regime.

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