The Issue

According to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), risk assessments are used to identify, estimate, and prioritise risk to organisational operations, organisational assets, individuals, other organisations, and the Nation, resulting from the operation and use of information systems.

The purpose of risk assessments is to inform decision makers and support risk responses by identifying:

  1. relevant threats to organisations or threats directed through organisations against other organisations;
  2. vulnerabilities both internal and external to organisations;
  3. impact (i.e., harm) to organisations that may occur given the potential for threats exploiting vulnerabilities; and
  4. likelihood that harm will occur.

The end result is a determination of risk (i.e., typically a function of the degree of harm and likelihood of harm occurring and / or cost-effectively achieve and maintain an acceptable level of loss exposure).

The Solution

Elasticito helps organisations by assess in performing continuous automated assessment of their risk which includes:

Elasticito helps organisations to continuously assess the cyber risks that face their business and wider third party ecosystems. Our risk assessment and monitoring offerings cover the following:

  • External
  • Perimeter
  • Internal
  • Network and Asset based

Elasticito also specialises in the quantifying cyber risk using the FAIR Institute’s model for calculating and quantifying cyber risk. This model uses Loss Event Frequency (LEF) and Loss Magnitude (LM) to calculate risk. Loss Magnitude (LM) basically answers the question “What will be the impact if there is a breach” while Loss Event Frequency (LEF) calculates the likelihood of a breach.

Benefits Of Our Approach:

Real-time, continuous and actionable information about organisations risk available as:

  • A quantitative report that has meaning to both the business and The Board;
  • Prioritised list of remediation tasks for technical staff with full how-to knowledge base;
  • A complete overview of self and 3rd party risk along with a remediation plan which includes actionable items to achieve and maintain organisational defined risk appetite.

How We Can Help:

Elasticito provides class-leading Breach and Attack Simulation services to assess the effectiveness of internal security controls; and a range of automated tools to assess the cyber risk posture of externally facing assets and the cyber risks posed by third parties; backed by a robust Professional Service advisory, project management and implementation programme.

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