Purple Team testing

Red Team vs Blue Team = Purple Team

Coming up with realistic scenarios to test the effectiveness of your Security Operations team’s ability to detect and respond to particular attack methods is a key method used by an increasing number of companies to hone and improve the internal skill set and responsiveness of the security team to react to offensive attack attempts.

Attack simulations

Elasticito’s zero harm attack simulations that can be custom designed and executed by your Red Team will help you to safely, but realistically test different attack scenarios, without the fear of P1 network or system disruption issues.

We will provide the Security Operations/Blue Team with full telemetry data on what attack methods were detected and blocked, and which ones were not so that security controls can be better tuned and the security operations team is able to better respond the next time.

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Whether or not you have an in-house Red Team, or whether you want to avail of our automated Red Team testing platform, get in touch with us to discuss your Purple Team testing requirements and we will help you to understand whether we are a good fit for your needs.

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