My wife is a cat person.  We have two fluff-ball Ragdoll cats, who are not allowed outside – mainly because we know that they have the capability to scale our garden wall, but probably not the ability to find their way home again!

Recently, we adopted a rescue dog.  She is however, allowed into the garden; much to the chagrin of the cats.  This is because, to our knowledge, we do not believe that the dog has the capability of scaling our outer perimeter.

In the information security world, we at Elasticito, spend a lot of time working with information security teams and senior management helping them to understand and manage cyber risks, threats and threat actor capabilities within the context of their businesses.  It seems to me, that the complex world of cyber security is actually not much more complex than the dynamics between cats, dogs and garden fences.

In our little domestic world, the risk to us is that our beloved pets might escape; the threat being the pet being able to dig under or jump over our wall and lastly, the capability being our cats’ or dog’s ability to breach our garden defences.  

If only it was that simple to identify and manage cyber risks, threats and threat actor capabilities.

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