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Password Power Up: Your Guide to Online Security

Password Power Up: Your Guide to Online Security Passwords safeguard our social media profiles, financial accounts, and a treasure trove of personal information. A weak password is an open invitation to vulnerability. This following article "Password Power Up: Your Guide to Online Security" will unravel the art of creating robust passwords, the common mistakes to avoid, and the latest strategies in password management that can fortify your cyber defences. Strong Passwords: The Gatekeepers of Your Digital Life Strong passwords are the digital gatekeepers standing guard over our online identities and protecting our sensitive information. Just like a strong lock secures our physical belongings, a robust password safeguards our digital lives. Short on Memory, Long on Security: Passphrases vs. Passwords Struggling to remember all your passwords? Consider a password manager – it stores your complex passphrases securely and fills them in automatically, saving you the hassle. But before diving deeper, let's

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Swipe Left on Romance Scams This Valentine’s Day

Swipe Left on Romance Scams This Valentine’s Day You might find yourself browsing through profiles on online dating sites in the lead-up to Valentine's Day this year. Can you tell the difference between someone who is simply using a decades-old photo and a lothario scammer trying to swoon their way to every dollar in your bank account? Swipe left on romance scams this Valentine’s Day by reading this handy guide. With Valentine’s Day approaching, many hopeless romantics might be in the mood for love — but romance robbers may also be in the mood to exploit their next victims. Millions of people around the world use online dating sites and apps. And there are many success stories of people finding love and companionship online. But as well as the successes, there are also online dating scams – and these are on the rise. Americans reported losing a heartbreaking $1.3 billion

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Data Privacy and the Future of Business

Data Privacy and the Future of Business 2021 was a watershed year in terms of business data use. And 2022 is likely to be another. Therefore, it is imperative that businesses put their best foot forward when it comes to data privacy.  Let's take a look at data privacy and the future of business. These few steps can help businesses make significant strides in developing better privacy habits. With the global big data market set to be worth nearly $235 billion by 2026, to say that data is now core to business success today would be a massive understatement. From tweaking shipping strategies to delivering more relevant advertising campaigns to customers, businesses are constantly looking for ways to make more data-driven decisions. But with this access to consumer data comes great responsibility. And unfortunately, in many consumers’ eyes companies are not doing all they can to make sure that their

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How to Take Back Control of Your Data

How to Take Back Control of Your Data From social media to online shopping, our lives and the digital world become more and more intertwined everyday. And while the digital world has afforded us a whole new level of convenience and access to information, it is imperative that consumers remember the best practices for protecting their personal data and ensuring it is being used the right way. Here's how to take back control of your data in a few steps: learn to better manage your personal information, make informed decisions around your data and understand how it is being used. By 2020, it was estimated that 1.7 MB of data was generated by every individual worldwide every second. This includes data about an individual’s activities, behaviours, and interests. Data comes in many forms; there is personal data, like social security and driver’s license numbers and there is physical data, like

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Prioritizing Cyber Security in a Hybrid Workplace

Prioritizing Cyber Security in a Hybrid Workplace In this day and age, employees are more connected than ever. The hybrid workplace is here to stay, and for employees, this means relying on connected devices from their home office setups. According to recent data, smart home systems are set to rise to a market value of $157 billion by 2023, and the number of installed connected devices in the home is expected to rise by a staggering 70% by 2025. In this new normal where smart devices and consequently online safety are a must, here are some tips for securing those devices. Remember smart devices need smart security Make cyber security a priority when purchasing a connected device. When setting up a new device, be sure to set up the privacy and security settings on web services and devices bearing in mind that you can limit who you are sharing information

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Be Cyber Smart this Cyber Security Awareness Month

Be Cyber Smart this Cyber Security Awareness Month Every October, Cyber Security Awareness Month continues to raise awareness about the importance of cyber security around the world. Led by the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), Cyber Security Awareness Month shares messages and weekly themes of the importance of staying safe online. The evergreen theme - Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart – encourages individuals and organisations to own their role in protecting their part of cyber space, stressing personal accountability and the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cyber security. Throughout the past year and a half, our already virtual world depended even more on the Internet. Organisations and individuals like you moved more online than ever before - to socialize, to conduct business, and to simply have fun. While an increased online presence can be positive, Cyber Security Awareness Month encourages

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Human Behavior. Your Biggest Cyber Security Risk?

Human Behavior. Your Biggest Cyber Security Risk? Data breaches, theft, and corruption are an unfortunate reality of the digital world. However, have you ever thought about human behavior? Could it possibly be your biggest cyber security risk? In this era, cyber criminals have created a perfect environment to access sensitive data and assets. They use many different techniques, such as social engineering and phishing, to gain information from unsuspecting people. In order to fight this, businesses need to take a person-centric approach to cyber security. In addition to technical measures for protection, they also need to have a process-based approach to security by educating their employees on the dangers of giving up private information too easily. At Elasticito, we believe employees are your biggest asset in preventing these crimes, but you do need to know how your employees handle data in order to minimise security risks. Understanding employees' data handling

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Celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month 2021

What are you planning for Cyber Security Awareness Month 2021? Cyber Security Awareness Month is coming up in October. This collaborative effort between government and industry aims to provide all people with the resources they need to stay safe and secure online. What is Cyber Security Awareness Month? Cyber Security Awareness Month was launched by the National Cyber Security Alliance and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in October 2004 in a broad effort to help all citizens stay safer and more secure online. The initiative calls for a collaborative effort from government, public and private partners, schools, law enforcement agencies, and individual citizens to participate in a worldwide effort to raise public awareness about cyber threats. When Cyber Security Awareness Month began, the advice was to update antivirus programs twice a year. This was in line with similar advice to change smoke alarm batteries bi-annually during daylight savings

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3 Essential Security Awareness Training Topics for 2021

3 Essential Security Awareness Training Topics for 2021 In 2021, organisations must lead the charge to educate the workforce on cyber security best practice. Threats are growing to become more sophisticated every day, and it is critical for employees to know how to defend their data and systems. Security awareness training is essential to keep your organisation protected, and it is indeed one of the most cost-efficient ways you can protect yourself from data breaches. Below we have listed 3 essential security awareness training topics to look out for in 2021. A Human Firewall A lot was achieved in 2020. The new era of remote working became the norm, despite the difficulties that came with it. Cyber threats, data hacks, threats to employee privacy and security and online fraud were just some of the issues that grew in importance. Businesses had to adapt to these challenges and develop new strategies

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SANS Security Awareness Announces Strategic Relationship with Elasticito

SANS Security Awareness Announces Further Expansion in Europe with Strategic Channel Sales Relationship with Elasticito   North Bethesda, MD, USA and London, UK – 6 JULY, 2021 – SANS Security Awareness, the global leader in providing security awareness training, today announces a new strategic partnership with Elasticito, a leading cyber risk advisory and solutions provider in Europe, to bring continuous security awareness programs to companies across the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. There has never been a more important time for security awareness training The accelerated shift to digital and remote working, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has enabled new and productive ways of working.  It has also significantly increased interaction with sensitive information and data, combined with new collaborative ways of working, that has increased the urgency to assess, train and nurture security awareness to make employees think about privacy protection and security as a main priority.  

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