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How to Master Open-Source Intelligence: Tips and Tricks

How to Master Open-Source Intelligence: Tips and Tricks Open-Source Intelligence is the practice of gathering and analysing publicly available data to gain actionable information. Even if you are a cyber security professional, journalist, or simply someone curious about investigative techniques, mastering Open-Source Intelligence allows you to uncover comprehensive data and make informed decisions through ethical analysis. This article "How to Master Open-Source Intelligence: Tips and Tricks" will explore the Open-Source Intelligence cycle, compare active and passive techniques, give real-world examples, and offer tips and tricks for staying updated in this dynamic field. What is Open-Source Intelligence? Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) refers to the collection and analysis of publicly available information. This includes data from social media, websites, public records, news articles, and more. By using OSINT techniques and leveraging relevant tools, individuals can uncover a wealth of information about their subject. The Open-Source Intelligence Cycle:       1. Preparation and Planning The journey

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5-Step Attack Surface Management Guide

5-Step Attack Surface Management Guide As cyber criminals develop ever more sophisticated tactics, proactively managing your attack surface has become an essential defence for organisations of all sizes. Attack surface management isn't just about plugging holes; it's a systematic approach to continuously identify every potential entry point - from internet-facing applications to misconfigured devices - that attackers could exploit to infiltrate your network, steal sensitive data, or disrupt critical operations. By taking a proactive stance and prioritising these vulnerabilities, organisations can significantly reduce their cyber risk. This 5-step attack surface management guide empowers you to proactively manage your digital assets. Why is Attack Surface Management (ASM) Important? The digital transformation and interconnected technologies expand your attack surface, creating more potential entry points for attackers. Attack Surface Management helps you: Gain visibility: Achieve comprehensive insight into all your digital assets, including hardware, software, network components, and cloud services. Reduce risk: Identify

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Password Power Up: Your Guide to Online Security

Password Power Up: Your Guide to Online Security Passwords safeguard our social media profiles, financial accounts, and a treasure trove of personal information. A weak password is an open invitation to vulnerability. This following article "Password Power Up: Your Guide to Online Security" will unravel the art of creating robust passwords, the common mistakes to avoid, and the latest strategies in password management that can fortify your cyber defences. Strong Passwords: The Gatekeepers of Your Digital Life Strong passwords are the digital gatekeepers standing guard over our online identities and protecting our sensitive information. Just like a strong lock secures our physical belongings, a robust password safeguards our digital lives. Short on Memory, Long on Security: Passphrases vs. Passwords Struggling to remember all your passwords? Consider a password manager – it stores your complex passphrases securely and fills them in automatically, saving you the hassle. But before diving deeper, let's

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8 Surefire Shields Against Ransomware

8 Surefire Shields Against Ransomware In our increasingly digital world, data is the cornerstone of our lives. It stores everything from personal photos to financial records, and for organisations, it is the engine that keeps operations running. But with this dependence comes a growing threat: Ransomware. This malicious software acts like a digital kidnapper, encrypting your files and holding them hostage until a ransom is paid. Ransomware attacks can be devastating. By scrambling your data, they can grind organisations to a halt, leading to lost revenue and damaged reputations. For individuals, the impact can be just as severe, with cherished memories and important documents locked away. This can be a devastating blow to individuals and organisations alike, resulting in financial losses, operational disruptions, and reputational damage. Read our blog, “8 Surefire Shields Against Ransomware”, to help you keep your data safe. Understanding the Enemy: How Ransomware Operates Before diving into

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Disaster Recovery, Backup and Your Cyber Security Strategy

Disaster Recovery, Backup and Your Cyber Security Strategy In today's digital landscape, protecting your business from cyber threats is of utmost importance. While preventive measures like firewalls and antivirus software are commonly prioritised, disaster recovery (DR) and backup plans are often overlooked. However, integrating robust disaster recovery and backup solutions into your cyber security strategy is crucial for maintaining business continuity and safeguarding critical data. In this article, we delve into disaster recovery, backup and your cyber security strategy, by exploring the role these elements play in mitigating cyber risks. By understanding the importance of these components, you can fortify your cyber defenses, minimise downtime, and ensure the resilience of your organisation in the face of cyber incidents. The Role of Disaster Recovery Disaster recovery refers to the process of resuming normal operations after a disruptive event, such as a cyber attack, natural disaster, or system failure. It encompasses various

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5 Cyber Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe

5 Cyber Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe A major concern for CISO's, IT teams, SOC teams and other cyber security personnel during 2022 has been protecting their organisations from cyber security attacks. But are you taking all the necessary steps to keep your organisation's data and online presence secure? As businesses become more reliant on technology, they also become more exposed to cyber threats. However, knowing where to start in terms of protecting your business can be daunting. Here is "5 Cyber Security Tips to Keep Your Business Safe": a guide to help businesses navigate the world of cyber threats. Keeping information safe and secure has been a challenging task for businesses of all sizes over the last few years. Meteoric shifts from in-person-, to online-, to hybrid workplaces forced companies to change, or at least reexamine, their cyber security practices and protocols. Far too often they weren’t

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The Anatomy of a Data Breach

The Anatomy of a Data Breach Arguably no phrase has dominated the tech world the last 24 months more than the term “data breach.” From breaches that have impacted critical infrastructure like the Colonial Pipeline event, to hackers compromising healthcare records at UC San Diego Health. The last two years have been thoroughly saturated by headlines of cyber security mishaps. Yet, despite the prevalence of the breach-centric newscycle, many everyday individuals may not know what exactly a data breach is, how they typically start, and why they occur. Elasticito has dissected the topic and compiled "Anatomy of a Data Breach" to help you understand the ins and outs of the topic. According to IBM, the average time it takes an organisation to identify that a breach has occurred is a whopping 287 days. IBM furthermore reports that the average time it takes to contain a breach is an astounding 80

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7 Questions to Ask About Cyber Insurance

7 Questions to Ask About Cyber Insurance As more and more aspects of our lives move into the digital realm, the risks we face from cyber threats are also increasing. This warrants the need for a plan to protect ourselves from the repercussions of such dangers. Enter the realm of cyber insurance policies. This topic, at first, may seem difficult to navigate. For this reason, Elasticito has compiled a list of 7 questions to ask about cyber insurance to make the journey as easy to understand as possible. Defining Cyber Insurance In today's digital age, organisations face a range of cyber threats that are constantly evolving. The Identity Theft Resource Center’s (ITRC) 2021 Annual Data Breach Report revealed there were more “cyberattack-related data compromises” (1,603) in 2021 than “all data compromises” in 2020 (1,108). These attacks increased in nearly every primary business sector. Cyber insurance can help protect your organisation financially in the

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Understanding Cyber Risk Exposure for Vendors in Russia & Ukraine

Understanding Cyber Risk Exposure for Vendors in Russia & Ukraine It was only 60 years ago when the world feared a global nuclear war. Fortunately, we made it through that period. But with geopolitical tensions at an all-time high, the risk of a devastating global cyber war is becoming more and more likely. This is why each of us needs to do our part to reduce cyber risk. Understanding cyber risk exposure for vendors in Russia and Ukraine should be a priority for all businesses with vendors in those countries. Recently, the United States (US)  and other countries imposed sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. These sanctions have sparked a considerable amount of concern, especially surrounding the issue of cyber attacks on US organisations and those based in allied countries. These are uncertain times, but many experts predict that the attacks will be wide-ranging. They'll involve ransomware and

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How to Take Back Control of Your Data

How to Take Back Control of Your Data From social media to online shopping, our lives and the digital world become more and more intertwined everyday. And while the digital world has afforded us a whole new level of convenience and access to information, it is imperative that consumers remember the best practices for protecting their personal data and ensuring it is being used the right way. Here's how to take back control of your data in a few steps: learn to better manage your personal information, make informed decisions around your data and understand how it is being used. By 2020, it was estimated that 1.7 MB of data was generated by every individual worldwide every second. This includes data about an individual’s activities, behaviours, and interests. Data comes in many forms; there is personal data, like social security and driver’s license numbers and there is physical data, like

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