5-Step Attack Surface Management Guide

5-Step Attack Surface Management Guide As cyber criminals develop ever more sophisticated tactics, proactively managing your attack surface has become an essential defence for organisations of all sizes. Attack surface management isn't just about plugging holes; it's a systematic approach to continuously identify every potential entry point - from internet-facing applications to misconfigured devices - that attackers could exploit to infiltrate your network, steal sensitive data, or disrupt critical operations. By taking a proactive stance and prioritising these vulnerabilities, organisations can significantly reduce their cyber risk. This 5-step attack surface management guide empowers you to proactively manage your digital assets. Why is Attack Surface Management (ASM) Important? The digital transformation and interconnected technologies expand your attack surface, creating more potential entry points for attackers. Attack Surface Management helps you: Gain visibility: Achieve comprehensive insight into all your digital assets, including hardware, software, network components, and cloud services. Reduce risk: Identify